The intersection of fashion, design & technology.

I have always valued how clothing enables us to express ourselves. In the world-wide industry it is nowadays can new technologies and perspectives allow us to approach fashion differently? A selection of projects.

The Lace Generator

Personalising fashion through an interface – creating lace! This manipulated pattern then was embroidered on in water dissolving material to create ‘digital lace’.

Crafting Wearables

In Crafting Wearables we explored the role of the body in smart materials. If a material can listen and respond, how will it behave and how will we experience that? Shiver is an exploration with conductive wool on the body.

Augmented Reality Fashion

Supporting Angella Mackey’s PhD “Ephemerae: Digital Fabric”: I explored how digitally crafted details like buttons & cufflinks could give clothing the properties of ‘digital fabric’. Using chroma-key technology, these green details could be replaced by a different pattern.  Read more

Little things

The magnetic beads of Little Things will invite you to play with
this wearable – while the integrated sensors will capture your interaction. Every touch, fiddle, stretch or squeeze is directly translated into an
online visualization.


Fashion & Technology


2014 – 2017


Individual, Team, Voluntary


I hope you enjoyed this project.

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