It’s not
it’s Lucie.

One of my more abstract projects is Lucie. Lucie is designed to be what you want it to be, to observe how people engage creatively with objects in their home.




Course: Unaware Objects by Ron Wakkary and Will Odom


Domestic objects, Light, Soft materials.


Furniture making, Rapid Prototyping.


2015, 6 weeks


Wendy Dassen, Rachel Rietdijk.

Get to know Lucie.

That unidentified object in the corner is Lucie. The illuminating behaviour of Lucie will change slowly over time. Therefore Lucie may be a stool, table or spotlight. How does Lucie fit in your home?

If it needs to be a chair, it’s a chair.


This object is the opposite of smart; it’s unaware and unable to control. It triggers creativity in the everyday life. If it needs to be a chair, it’s a chair. In this way one builds personal, long lasting relationships with technology and computational objects in a computational-culture that now is very impersonal.

From Lola to Lucie; the process.

As part of a product family, our first prototype Lola was iterated into Lucie to first present at the Dutch Design Week 2015 and later at the Next Up expo in the Kazerne Eindhoven curated by Jeroen Junte. Round, cosy Lola was rebuilt into strong and reliable Lucie.

The aim

The aim of the course was to investigate the notion of ‘slow technology’ while expanding our skills in interaction design in physical products. These objects act as a probe for research from which I learned there can be a value in really simple things if you can give them the right affordances.

unaware objects-1 - portfolio

in default positions.
Lucie op kontje 1920
Lucie op de kop front 1920
Lucie back up 1920

Lucie up quarter 1920
Lucie Liggend 1920
Lucie front default 1920


I hope you enjoyed this project.

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