A roadtrip through Europe on only electricity, c’est possible?

In the summer of 2015 we convinced Kia to lend us their fully electric Soul EV for a road trip and traveled 4486 km through 10 countries.


The Electric Roadmovie


Self initiated, partnered with Kia Netherlands.


Electric driving, charging infrastructure.


Video, Photography, Critical thinking, Content creation.


2015, 2 months prep, 3 week trip.


Gijs de Boer, Yannick Brouwer, Joch Jansz, Daphne Lamberts, Rachel Rietdijk and Wouter van der Wal.

So how did this happen?

In the summer of 2015, my friends and I wanted to push the boundaries of driving electric. Fully electric, non-hybrid cars were relatively new on the market. Although early adopters happily drove from home to work and back, going on holiday to the south of France was considered a joke.

As curious designers we wanted to experience the reality of electric driving ourselves. Can range anxiety be something from the past? We came up with a plan.


We, a group of friends, were in for this adventure. One problem…we needed a car. Through a pitch-video we spoke with 4 car brands and convinced Kia Netherlands to lend us their Soul EV for a good 3 weeks. In return they would receive our journey captured in a roadmovie.

Pitch video

Success! After our meeting with Kia Netherlands, we could start planning our journey more in detail and took of in July 2015.

Electric Roadmovie press webres-29

Our experience

We learned that the 21st of July is a national holiday in Belgium, meaning all charging points were closed and almost got stuck on our first day. We got the honour to be one of the first users of some charging facilities, and learned how payment options should be standardized. We had great conversations with fellow EV drivers and were a little jealous of that fancy Tesla in Italy. And traveling to the south of France? Well, we learned how the charging infrastructure at supermarkets like Auchan and IKEA made driving long distances very comfortable and reliable. Doing it in one day will become tight, but with charging network developments on the rise it surely is possible.


When we returned our story, the experience in video and insights in an extensive blog post, got picked up by the dutch newspaper the Volkskrant, several tech sites like CleanTechnia, Bright, and Want and even ended up in an South African newspaper.

Blogpost (EN)
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Charging at in total 44 stations.
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Electric Roadmovie press webres-23
Electric Roadmovie press webres-26

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My role in the group

During the trip, I filmed and photographed and was mostly responsible for curating our blog and Instagram. I loved it to be in a new environment everyday and always had something new to capture. It was a holiday with a goal. When we returned, our team edited 3 weeks of footage into a 3 minute video.



I hope you enjoyed this project.

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